Our Vision

Our Vision

We covets your prayer and your support to achieve all of these vision, together we shall fulfill in Jesus Name. Thank you all. LONG LIVE ANCEDRAM, LONG LIVE LAGOS ANCEDRAM. Signed: Isaac Yemi Afolahan (Chairman)



1. To strengthen the Spiritual, Ministerial and Technical lives of our members

2. To increase our membership strength

3. Strengthen and revive all our local units

4. Encourage membership financial and moral commitment

5. Create and expand business arm for Lagos ANCEDRAM

6. Take Lagos ANCEDRAM outside to create impact in the Society

7. Get a functioning secretariat for Lagos ANCEDRAM


  1. Strengthen the Spiritual Lives of our members:
  2. Organize quarterly retreat programme for Elders, State excos, Local Unit excos and Ministry Presidents.
  3. Constant Sharing of God’s word in all our meetings
  4. Power prayer sessions in all our meetings
  5. Strengthen our praise and drama team
  6. Periodic Bible study series
  7. Introduce a month fasting and prayer chain for all members

Strengthen the Technical/Ministerial Lives of our members:

  1. Start a six-month sessional ANCEDRAM College of Drama & Film Production (ACDFP)
  2. Organize Workshops/Seminars during different stakeholders meetings
  3. Constant Orientation and Information dissemination programmes on the new discoveries in drama world


  1. Build a blog for Lagos State ANCEDRAM where all our activities can be reported and captured
  2. Print “Unction Magazine” Lagos ANCEDRAM edition
  3. Get a business Shop/Secretariat for Lagos ANCEDRAM
  4. Encourage and assist Local unit to shoot their movie.
  5. Shoot more State movies
  6. Design a yearly calendar for all the state programmes
  7. Strengthen our state congress.

Increase Membership Strength:

  1. Develop a comprehensive database for all Lagos ANCEDRAM members
  2. Visit and encourage all our old members to see the need to associate
  3. Embark on massive revival of our local units
  4. Inaugurate campus unit of ANCEDRAM
  5. Grassroots’ Stakeholders meeting to gather new members
  6. Constant Follow up/welfare of members


Increase Financial Base:

  1. Membership & Corporate Registrations
  2. Ministry annual due
  3. Elders, State excos and Unit leaders annual due
  4. Individual financial donations
  5. Create ANCEDRAM business Ventures like: Sales of petty materials, movies,
  6. Premiere and Dedicate “BI O TIE GBAMI” film for sale

Strengthen and revive all our local units

  1. Constant Visit to local unit programmes
  2. Organize grassroots stakeholders meetings at the local units
  3. Inaugurate more local units


    1. Hold biannual Lagos ANCEDRAM Village Mission Outreach
    2. Build relationship through courtesy visit to corporate bodies and government Parastatals. i.e. CAN, PFN, Christian Pilgrim Board, media houses. etc
    3. Command Performance in Public Halls
    4. Community Services during Mission Outreaches i.e. Health care, Welfare, Environmental Cleaning, Empowerment and Orientation programmes.
    5. Have a quality T Shirt to publicize ANCEDRAM and our film


  1. ANCEDRAM College Committee
  2. Follow Up/Welfare committee
  3. Mission Outreaches Committee
  4. Command Performance Committee
  5. Corporate Relationship Committee
  6. Stakeholders Meeting Committee
  7. Congress Committee